Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Afro-acoustic singer Nina Ogot took part in the second International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFok) where she staged two plays during the week long festival last year from December 20 to 28.
Nina, famed for the songs Chokora and African Angel represented Kenya together with the Theatre Company invited for the festival. The theme of the festival was Afro-Asia and saw not only Asian talent but also other African playwrights and actors participate. The ITFok is a meaningful attempt to create a unique platform of expression for theatre practitioners and academics.

“At the theatre festival I attended and presented one of my plays called Sauti Kimya that was staged last year August at the Alliance Francaise. Sauti Kimya is a poetic and musical show that addresses the issue of environmental degradation, an issue that I will continue to talk about in my music this year. We also presented the show Githaa a play directed by Keith Pearson that deals with Kenyan life in the form of a folk tale. The myths and rural realities have been portrayed through the story of a young woman.”
The other plays to be staged from Africa included “Every Year, Every Day, I am Walking” (South Africa), “Time for Change” (Nigeria) and “Hello Prisoners” (Nigeria),
However, Nina is looking to bigger project this years. “I'm currently working on my sophomore album to be released early 2011. I will be launching a website and a DVD with my live performances on stage.”