Thursday, 15 October 2009


Wyclef is without a doubt the most sober celebrity who knows how to get himself talked about in the media. Forget the strip tease he did on the set of the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain that is child's play.

For instance he pulled a ‘Kanye’. He went down stairs (at Kasarani) and pulled the head chef out of the kitchen and brought him on set of the MAMA stage. “Hey y’all this is not scripted. I went and took a chef who has been cooking for all of us. We can’t ignore the drought situation in Africa. I want to ask the chef what kind of aid Kenya needs because when the aid is sent the people of Africa are not seeing the money.” The Chef replied, “What we need is a sea so that we don’t have to rely on outside food.”

His eloquence and wit did not stop there. After a short blackout that interrupted the sound when nameless was performing, Wyclef had to redo the introductory part where he introduces Nameless. Just as the set up was going on he filled the silence by talking to music guru Jerry ‘Wonder’ Duplessis, who was standing behind him. “Yo, Jerry you need to stop smoking weed, you are loosing too much weight.”

And the finale shot from Wyclef is when D Banj accepted his award for artiste of the year. He told him, “Stay level headed, don’t go crazy on me like Lauryn Hill did,” while throwing in a little marketing for himself, “My album comes out in March 2010.”