Sunday, 13 September 2009


You can eat your heart out!

Like it or not, I believe the Sh16 million loot from the reality TV show Big Brother is coming to Kenya. Yes, I said it.
Representing Kenya in the house is Teddy Muthusi and Jeremy Ndirangu.
Teddy is an unemployed multi-talented advertising copywriter, voice-over artist and broadcaster. He has a BA in International Relations from the United States International University in Nairobi. The 34 year old, says the best thing about Kenyans is their spirit of resilience and rates the Masaai Mara as the best place in his country to visit. Interviewed he said, “my mom is my role model, because of her passion for life and optimism”. Pessimists and whiners really annoy him, while he says falling in love too quickly is one of his bad habits.
Jeremy is the current Mr University Kenya winner and is pursuing a BSc Degree in Telecommunication and Information Technology in Kenyatta University.
He says he is proud to be Kenyan because of the resilience of the people and their ability to move on from hardships. Jeremy, 22, says he entered Big Brother Revolution because it presented him with a chance to do something new, unconventional and extraordinary.