Thursday, 4 May 2017

National poll conducted to identify issues affecting youth & creation of social movement

Kenyan youth responded to a poll highlighting issues affecting them, by launching a nationwide campaign. The campaign aims to bring the youth together on a unified and non-partisan platform, with a view to constructively engage policymakers.  

Utilizing the survey findings, the social movement, dubbed JIACTIVATE will be working with a coalition of leading organizations, including The Kenya Red Cross Society, Well Told Story (Shujaaz) and Organization for Africa Youth. The organizations have come together to offer support to these youth and to unite their voices, to ‘Ji-Activate’.  

JIACTIVATE will be running a series of forums, events and activities across Kenya, throughout May and June, to further understand the issues identified by the poll. The data collected at these events will inform the creation of a youth declaration, ahead of the elections in August 2017. 

Several high profile artists, influencers and youth groups have already ‘JIACTIVATED’, and the coalition will be working with them to raise the voice of Kenyan youth throughout the campaign. 
Shadrack Musyoka, Kenya Red Cross National Youth Manager says , “The challenges that the youth face can be solved by the youth, with support from all the stakeholders. Our youth have a high potential and an opportunity to bring change.  By investing in their innovation and creativity, we direct their energy and power towards solving to these problems. JIACTIVATE is an informed platform for the voice of youth to be heard. JIACTIVATE is by youth for youth, and speaks to them in a new and exciting way.” 

Mobile surveying platform, GeoPoll, surveyed a total of 2000 youth in all 47 counties, in under four days. The youth were split 50/50 in gender, 66/34 rural and urban areas and all between the ages of 15-35. The survey was free for respondents to participate in and youth received a top-up airtime credit upon successfully completing the survey. 

According to survey results, the top issues affecting Kenyan youth are corruption, food security, healthcare, and unemployment.  

“As one of the top two concerns identified, 43% cited corruption or food security, while 32% chose healthcare and 32% selected unemployment. Posting on social media (34%) was the most common approach taken by youth to address issues of concern, while more than one-quarter (27%) reported that they have “done nothing.”... GeoPoll Program Manager, Tavian MacKinnon 
It is interesting to note, however, that 68% said they would be more inclined to take action if there was “an easier way to engage.   Youth are encouraged to get ‘Ji-Activated’ by engaging on social platforms #jiactivate Via SMS 0715744992.

JIACTIVATE campaign to deliver a youth declaration for a better Kenya 
National poll conducted to identify issues  affecting youth & creation of social movement 
68% of young people said they want an easier way to take action on important issues
Youth launch a campaign to create a declaration to engage policymakers