Friday, 15 July 2016

Strathmore Lecturer Explains Logic Behind Quoting Kendrick Lamar In Exam Question

It has become the most popular exam question in Kenya. It was shared on all social media platforms minutes after Strathmore University Students sat for it.

The virality of the exam question is hinged on the fact that featured a quote from hip hop mega star Kendrick Lamar.

The exam paper was for a business ethics class. The first question read: "If you get your first big cheque and you cop a chain before you buy a house. You're a vanity slave." In this song, "Vanity Slave," Mr Lamar speaks openly about mindless consumerism. Explain three dangers of consumerism.

Now, the lecturer who wrote the exam has explained why he used popular culture as a tool to examine his students.

"My students who are millennials do listen to hip-hop and I thought since we had covered the topic why not just surprise them with something they can relate with," Caleb Kandagor, an assistant lecturer in philosophy and ethics at Strathmore told Reuters.

Adding, "Probably they had listened to the song before and never given it a thought. It is a question they will remember for a lifetime. For me it is about making ethics real."