Saturday, 16 July 2016

'I Have Never Solicited For A Bribe' - Singing Cop!

Singing Cop and police activist, Sammy Ondimu Ngare has written an emotional post about the ongoing castigation of service men branding them corrupt killers.

Sammy has objected to the blanket declarations that are directed at all cops.

In a Facebook post he says, "I have never, and I mean never ever been bribed. Neither have I solicited for a Bribe. I have never participated in corruption, neither have I even for a moment used my Police Status to harass, torture in any way or Kill an innocent Kenyan or any other person for that matter"

He continues, "I have been diligently serving the Citizens of Kenya with unmatched patriotism for many years under the oath of allegiance which I took upon my Graduation.

Sammy runs a socal media campaign dubbed #AskariNiBinadamu in which he call of Kenyans to view police men as humans who also have feelings like they do.

"There are thousands of other Police officers like me around the country, whose Fidelity to the law is unquestionable. The Police Service, like any other institution of the society I know of has a handful of bad elements who can be tempted to behave and practice contrary to the established laws, rules and regulations; but I have never, I am not and will never be one or part of them," Sammy wrote, "It is so unfortunate, unconstitutional, unfair and in bad faith that the Law Society of Kenya( ‪#‎LSK‬ ), Lawyers, International Jurist Mission(‪#‎IJM‬ ), None Governmental Organizations(‪#‎NGOs‬ ), Local and foreign Activists, Journalists, bloggers and a few Political Elements from various political affiliations think that we are all the same."

He added, "With a heart weighed down by lots of hate mongering and mudslinging against Police officers in the past few weeks, I will continue with all my strength to commit my self to the rule of law, the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the universal declaration of human rights. I will execute my duties equally to all the public, citizens and foreigners alike; without fear, favour, malice nor illwill. SO HELP ME GOD ALMIGHTY.‪#‎AskariniBinadamu‬."