Thursday, 30 June 2016

Big Kev Is Looking For A Kenyan Comic Artist For His Non Fiction Graphic Novel

Event organisers and CEO of TruBlaq Entertainment is looking to venture into writing books.

Big Kev - real name Kevin Ombanjo - is searching for a Kenyan comic artist to collaborate with.

"I am writing a proposal to write (and publish) a graphic, non-fiction novel. I have a press interested, and the funds to write the book, but I am looking for an illustrator, Big Kev wrote on Facebook.

He continued, "I have plenty of options in North-America, but it would be fun to work with a Kenyan artiste...I definitely need someone who is skilled as a comic artist. I don't know anyone in that scene in Nairobi, but I was wondering if you could potentially connect me with some people who either have the skills or could hook me up with other contacts. This would be a paid contract, and the work would be published (and the artist would get a share of the royalties)."

If you are interested or you know someone who is, kindly send profile and previous work to