Saturday, 30 April 2016

Frasha Launches Debut Solo Album

Genge rapper Frasha unveiled his new solo album, Dakitare at an Intimate affair attended by music industry stakeholders and members of the fourth estate.

Frasha - real name Francis Amisi -  Performed singles off his album backed by a live band at Louis Leakey Auditorium, Museum Hill.

"This album is my musical offering to fans as a solo act," Frasha said, "Dakitare is a way of saying, I'm here to remedy all that ails the music industry."

The P Unit star was joined on stage by a number of artiste like fellow clique-mate Bon Eye, Timmy Dat, King Kaka and Rap Damu among others.

Frasha also took a moment to pay tribute to the late Congolese music legend Papa Wemba.
He performed Rail On saying "Papa Wemba was a great African star who will truly be missed."

The Dandia hitmaker also held a live auction of his album. To open up the bid, Bon Eye bought the first CD at Sh 5,000. This was followed by Big Ted and Mongolo also buying the album at the same amount.

Nacada Director and rapper Jaguar bought the album at Sh 10,000. Making him the highest bidder of the night.

Frasha will begin activations accross the country by hosting campus tours for the Dakitare album.

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