Tuesday, 1 March 2016

This Is Why Lupita Was Cast In The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Director Jon Favreau has showered praises on Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong’o who will lend her voice to Raksha in the movie.

The director told Vulture, “We have to breathe life into this thing, and make it feel natural and moving. Lupita has tremendous depth of emotion in her performance.”

According to the director, Nyong’o brings “an emotional underpinning.” He said she has a strength that they wanted for the character, much of which comes from her voice.

As an actor, Favreau said he is not someone who is actually trained to modify his voice to fit the character like how Lupita does. He said his voice always sounds like his voice when he is acting.

While Lupita is “very traditionally trained” according to Favreau, there is a radiance to her as a person that draws viewers onscreen, the publication reports. This is an intangible thing that is easy to recognize but is difficult to understand, the director explained.