Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Papa Dennis: I Did Not Have Relations With That Woman

Singer Papa Dennis has come out to categorically state, he is not having any relations with a lady who has featured in a number of his music videos. In a press release to media houses, he states:
I am writing this to you with a heavy heart regarding the news going around that am dating the supposed groupie, socialite Martha Wajero....I want to make things clear:
1. She is not my girlfriend the only attachment I had with her is when she worked with maliza umaskini as a model in one of my videos called NJOO and a few voluntary work she did for the organisation. we worked closely and she showed interest but I was not interested in her. NB: She is just a model like all the other models I hv used in my videos. When I get a lady and am ready I will not hide her.
2. Msiba WA kujitakia hauna kilio. They say they know you by your friends and now I have to bear that cross. am being attached to her because she was seen by huddah who is known as a socialite and that affects people's perspective of me.
3. I want to apologise to my fans and the church and take responsibility to make things right. there are a lot of challenges I face as a public figure I humbly ask that you keep me in your prayers am always open to here constructive correction.thank you for always supporting me.
Yours, Papa Dennis.