Thursday, 31 October 2013

TPF UPDATE: What The Boys Are Up To!

“You must make sure that you hold the microphone properly”

Day 18 started with a strong work out for the contestants. The work out was led by Coach Edu and a guest trainer. Edu is really working the contestants out as can be seen by the developing abs on Fess, Hisia’s better looking physique and the wonderfully defined curves on Angel and Sitenda.

After the work out, Coach Edu gave the contestants a dance routine that was pretty intense. The girls were separated from the boys and each group was given a different routine. The contestants are learning more about performance now rather than just singing.

Making a real racket as they practiced in the rehearsal room, was the boys. As Hope played the piano, first Fess then Kojjo used the time between sessions to refine their songs. Fess’ rendition of ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars and Kojjo’s rendition of ‘There Goes My Baby’ by Usher were strong. Kojjo in particular took Coach Kavutha’s advice to heart. Attempting to find his ‘sexy’ and get the song just right, Kojjo is working hard on his song.

After taking contestants through a vocal warm up, Coach Kavutha worked with the individual contestants, perfecting their songs. Kojjo was asked to work with Jennifer so he could get it right. Together with Hope, Kojjo and Jennifer created a wonderful routine. If Kojjo pulls it off, the routine will definitely be a strong performance.

Compiled by Charles Ouda; Writer, Exclamation Marketing Ltd.