Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sal Davis To Mashujaa Day Organisers: You Are Dictators!

Sal Davis with daughter Maia Von Lekow
A not so happy Sal Davis, took the mic at this morning's Mashujaa Day celebrations at Nyayo Satdium and castigated the organizers for forcing him to sing a particular song.

Sal addressed President Uhuru who was seated at the podium saying that he had composed a special song to celebrate 50 years of Kenya independence. But he was asked to sing something else instead.

Sal branded the organisers "dictators" for not getting the creative leeway to perform the independence song he had composed specifically for the occasion.

Anyhow, Sal also added that he was pleased to have performed for President Uhuru's father and now him.

This is not cool at all. Sal's request to perform the song was valid and relevant considering the occasion. After all, isn't today a day to celebrate the legends of Kenya? Isn't Sal a Mashujaa in his own right?

Come one people, come on!

Anyhow, here is an interview Sal did with Jeff Koinange on the bench!