Thursday, 31 October 2013

Judge To Big Brother Winner, Wendal: Not Guilty!!!

Former Big Brother Africa Amplified winner Wendall Parson has been cleared by a Zim judge over claims that Wendall and his brother William, were involved in insurance fraud.

Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo cleared Wendall and William saying, “Oral evidence and two sets of cover notes were produced in court as evidence. The most contentious issue was whether the cover notes meant Wendall had insurance cover or insurance was effected once premiums had been paid.”

Charges against them arose on March 16 this year when Wendall’s brother William was involved in an accident while driving the former’s car, a Ford Ranger. The accident was reported at Borrowdale Police Station in Harare and it was alleged that on the day Wendall’s vehicle was not insured.

He continued: “There is no discretion to put the accused to defence case. I find them not guilty of fraud charges and acquitted.”