Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Meet Jal's Superstar Sister, Nyaruach

Nyaruach is the sister of internationally acclaimed hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal. She was born around 1983 in Southern Sudan, at the time of the civil war.

She lost her mother and was separated from the rest of her immediate family, including Jal, at the age of 4.

She reunited with Jal in 2004 in Nairobi. The two recorded a song together called Gua, which stands for peace in their native Nuer tongue.

The track was broadcast by BBC across Africa and became a No. 1 hit in Kenya in 2005. Nyaruach believes education is the only way to a free Africa.

She joined the campaign to help her brother build a school in Southern Sudan. Two schools have been refurbished.

In 2013, Nyaruach traveled to Aswan, Egypt to take part in The Nile Project; a 2 week workshop and residency to represent South Sudan among some of the best musicians from across the Nile region.

The residency accumulated in a large concert held in Cairo on January 31st. Nyaruach will be recording her debut album later this year.

Her 3 tracks are available for free download at here.

Here is one of her hit singles Egobe...