Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Camping at the Safaricom Sevens

The Safaricom Sevens campsite is one of the new innovations when the tournament takes place at its new venue at the Moi International Sports Center, Kasarani.

The campsite will be located adjacent to the stadium's main entrance and the camp facilitator expect a minimum of 1000 people to visit the camp daily. They also expect at least 600 campers.

The campsite will be divided into two major areas in order to accomodate different groups of people, families,couples etc. The camp will have an assembly point with a makeshift wall detailing the history of the Safaricom Sevens from inception to date.

Proposed activities include:
1. Silent bar-to play toned down music
2. pool tables
3. play station booths
4. screens airing live and recorded matches
5. bonfire
6. food vending
7. traditional instrumentalists
8. darts boards
9. chill spots
10. sheesha stations

The tents will be numbered to enable easy identification Allocation of tents will done giving consideration to family oriented groups and singles.Charges: Ksh 1500 pp per day inclusive of beddings Leisure tents: Ksh 2500 pp per day inclusive of beddings Extra beddings Ksh 500.

Shower facilities will be available onsite.