Friday, 2 August 2013

Kenyans Online Go Ham On Pendo

Pendo is getting more attention than she bargained for.

Kenyans online have decided to give their two cents on Pendo's alleged sexcapades with Davido.

The Nigerian rapper has not said anything about the "long hours" spent with Pendo on the "night" they had "sweet steamy sex" or so it is claimed.

Anyhow, here are responses from Kenyans online on Pendo's latest revelations.

Haroun Risa: "I think she mistook her tribe. Her tribe actually is POKOmo. Either way, she'll be as quiet as the TUJUANE chic. Remember her? 'I'm a diva?" Bitch please! Oh well..."

Sandra Rugaita: "Hahaha..its about tym u said something about this whore.She'll b da 1st to get a licence if prostitution is legalised!"

Kevine Kevv Kevin: "She's Kenyan's WHOREprah Winfrey."

Victor Gechez: "I hate wat thz gal does.she is a disgrace to all women.Young women are busy building their future and here she is POKOmo i.Ati pendo amar ni ju she likes bn peddled ka baiskeli..."

Debz Jones: "So socialite is the new CHEAP Strategy?? Pthoooo so disgusted!!!" Here are some memes directed at her