Thursday, 1 August 2013

Always Platinum: A Chic's Best Friend

Very soon, Always will be launching a new product that will be joining their feminine protection range.

The product is Always Platinum.

I was asked to review the product before it hits the market. I was like, what could be that different from what is already on offer? Right?

Well, I tried it.

Loved it.

And yes, I will buy it once it hits the shelves officially.

The reason why I'm now #TeamAlwaysPlatinum damu, is because of the following features that will blow your mind.

It's Super Absorbent

Always Platinum has super absorbent material and the outer sheet has a silk-like feel. This means, when you have that 'rush' after sitting down for a long time. You are covered.

Also, due to the silky cover, you don't have to worry about getting a rash or experiencing the 'wet' feeling. The pad is super absorbent and locks the moisture in, leaving the top layer dry.

It Is Almost Paper Thin

They say good things come in small packages. Always Platinum pad is almost paper thin. You could wear it with your itsy bitsy skiny jeans and there will be no pad line – if worn properly.

Despite their size, they are suitable for both light and heavy flows. Believe it. The Adhesive Works For You

The adhesive on the pad does work for you. Here is why I say so. It is held by the plastic wrapping and sticky enough to keep the pad in place when you move around and even when you sit down.

If you have an active lifestyle, the pad works with you in that it's long wings wrap around your panties to ensure they stick and stay in place. You won't experience any lifting or shifting as you go about your daily life activities.

It Has A Sweet Mild Scent

In addition to the exquisite silk dress that gives a luxurious feeling of comfort, the pad has a sweet mild scent that keeps you smelling fresh all day. It also locks in odor to achieve the same.

Apparently the “delicate flavor is dermatologically tested”.

Platinum Packaging

The pads are packaged in a purple colored plastic. Purple is associated with royalty and luxury. This product has been designed with attention to beautiful, feminine detail and superior comfort in mind.

The pink inner cover for the individual pads has new floral designs printed on them.

That said, real woman should be 100% confident any day of month. With Always Platinum top of the range features on offer, that confidence can be ticked off on your to do lists all day everyday.