Friday, 26 July 2013

Sitawa Wins Philanthropy Youth Award

Mental Health Advocate and poet Sitawa Wafula was last night awarded for her role in the field.

She was awarded with the East Africa Youth Philanthropy Award for her outstanding contribution to the strategic development and to the growth of philanthropy in East Africa.

She posted on her Facebook: " humbled and honored,glory be to God." adding, "God is good." 

Describing herself in her blog, Sitawa writes, "I got my first seizure attack while in Form Four and it was after dropping out of Actuarial Science school and being kicked out of several jobs that I dug to find out more about my illness. Through my blog and talks in different forums and in partnership with various NGOS, I create awareness about Mental Health (and Epilepsy) among the youth. I also administer One Mind, Lend your Voice campaign, a youth-led mental health awareness campaign. I sit on stakeholder meetings in charge of revising Mental Health legislation in Kenya and I am a member of National Epilepsy Co-ordination Council, Kenya."

 She also host a monthly poetry night in Nairobi and Nakuru called SitawaIgnited.