Friday, 26 July 2013

People, The African Awards Nominations Are Now Open!

Nominations for the fourth edition of the African Awards are now open.

The awards, presented by Mshale Newspaper, celebrate the achievements and successes of the African immigrant community.

An additional award category called the friend of the community honors non African immigrants that work with the community to advance its interests.

Nominations will close on Monday, August 5 with mobile text voting being held on August 14.

The awards will be presented at the 25th anniversary Books for Africa gala on Friday, September 20 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This year, instead of holding its traditional Awards Gala, Mshale is joining Books for Africa in celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Books for Africa Silver Jubilee celebration planning is being co-chaired by Mshale founder/president, Tom Gitaa.

The Awards are designed to recognize outstanding African individuals, groups or businesses that have made an impact in the African immigrant community and the community at large in the United States.

Each year, candidates for the awards are nominated and then voted on by the community. A panel of judges consisting of business people and university professors, chaired by a former judge of a county court goes through the nominations and pairs down the list for a final vote by the community.

The African Awards were launched in May 2008 culminating in the first Awards Gala Dinner in August 15 2008 in which Lola Ogunnaike of CNN’s American Morning gave the first keynote address for the Mshale Awards.

Former Obama White House official and first African American White House Social Secretary, Desirée Rogers, was the keynote speaker at the 3rd African Awards Gala.