Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Good News For Artistes Looking For Schengen Visas

Obtaining a visa is often reported as an obstacle to the mobility of artists and cultural operators from third countries willing to travel for professional reasons to the EU (in particular the Schengen area).

According to the Arterial Network, the European Commission is reviewing the procedures for issuing these visas and would like to hear your views on your experience.

The idea is to modernise the policy and your input via this public consultation will help us to make the right changes.​

The DG Home will revise the EU visa code by the end of this year (taking into account also the results of the online consultation), this is a unique opportunity to make the voice of the cultural sector - in Europe and internationally - heard by policy-makers.

A recently published article On the Move, has background information, useful references and also some recommendations to EU and national policy makers and the cultural sector for improving the conditions for artists' mobility as regards to Schengen visas, endorsed by some 30 international cultural organisations.

Cultural actors are encouraged to fill in the online consultation here (deadline: 17 June) and to spread the word amongst its professional network so that as many artists and cultural professionals as possible respond to the consultation.