Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nice Githinji On Kissing Girls and Confused Identities

In the forest, the unconventional funny and unscripted web talk show whose first 2 episodes raised eyebrows is back uncensored as usual!

Although this 3rd episode of "In the Forest" will be publicly released Monday morning you have an exclusive chance to find out somethings about it now and take a look at a couple of exclusive photos from it!

This time the host (Gerald Langiri) does another EPIC FAIL! He confuses the famous Kenyan actress Nice Githinji (who she recently acted in our movie House of Lungula and even posed for the poster with her birthday suit!) with her good friend and actress/singer Janet Kirina!

Not only that but in the process he asks her some too personal questions for example if she likes kissing gals or if she masturbates! Nice never loses her cool and actually manages to embarrass the host and make him walk away in shame!

This is not the first time that Nice Githinji and Gerald Langiri have a dispute in public. The notorious article about  Nice Githinji's fake death was written by Gerald around a year ago. 

You can read it here.

The link of the video that will be publicly activated tomorrow at 8am. <~ I will post it then for y'all.


Filmed-directed-edited by Alex Konstantaras and produced by Historia Films.