Friday, 12 April 2013

Hat-Trick For Kenyan Team On The Guinness Football Challenge Show

This week's Guinness Football Challenge was an action packed show as Kenyan contestant Samuel Papa made it a hat-trick and helped his team qualify for the Pan-African stage.

The fourth episode saw the skilled contestant from Kenya step up to rescue his partner who seemed to have difficulties in answering some of the tough football questions; despite low trivia marks the skilled contestant doubled their efforts to score more points in the physical challenge. The Kenyans eventually made it to the Guinness Money Wall and took home $1,500 USD (Ksh 121500).

The duo will now have the chance to 'Play for their Country' in the new Pan-African episodes of the show where they could be in with a chance of winning up to $250,000 USD. The best contestants from the national TV shows will go head-to-head with football fans from Cameroon and Ghana as well as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to find out who has the skill and knowledge to be crowned Pan-African champions.

Next week in episode 5 of the show, four new teams will now take to the pitches to see whether they can achieve their potential and be recognised as players, rather than spectators, to win and be in the running for the Pan-African show.

Blue team – Tanzania:
Tanzanian team Kherry Sadallah, 26, and Abubakari Mohamed, 19, from Dar es Salaam will be wearing the blue shorts for this episode. Harry will be the brain of the team and is a Storehouse supporter and AC Milan FC fan whilst Abubakari is a student and Manchester United FC will provide the skills

Red team – Kenya:
Ken Muturi, 26 and Chris Mwangi, 19, are both from Nairobi and are pinning their hopes on being the last Kenyan team through to the Pan African episodes. Ken is an online marketer and 'loves football more than food' – let's hope his football knowledge pays off! His partner Chris is a footballer for Springland FC and he will take on the physical challenges.

Green team – Uganda:
Businessman Ian Ford, 24, and finance student Herbert Odipio, 23 from Kampala are both passionate Manchester United fans. Ian will be testing his football knowledge and Herbert will be showcasing his football skills in the next episode of the Guinness Football Challenge

Black team – Uganda
Edward Lukyamuzi, 23 and Timothy Nimungu, 22 are also both from Kampala and are the second Uganda team starring in this episode. IT specialist Edward will be heading up the trivia rounds whilst Timothy a marketing specialist will be facing the physical challenges. Which team from Kampala will show that they can put more in to get more out?

Fans of the show can test their own football knowledge on the Guinness Football Challenge mobile phone game which is available on the exciting Guinness mobile social community for football lovers, Guinness VIP. Sign up for free and see where you stand on the all new Pan-African leader board at on your phone.
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