Monday, 25 March 2013

Blinky Bill On Nairobi Sessions

Blinky Bill of Just A Band performing a "Twende Kazi/Get Down" medley Live on The Nairobi Sessions.

"The Nairobi Sessions" is an initiative by award-winning Kenyan Music Producer David "Blackman" Muthami to showcase Nairobi's urban music scene.

Nairobi boasts a large and vibrant Urban Music culture that has not been celebrated or recognized enough locally and internationally, despite the outstanding capabilities of the artists.

The acoustic live recordings dubbed "The Nairobi Sessions" will be showcased online weekly throughout the year and will give viewers a taste of Nairobi's finest musicians, as well as visiting artistes and passers-by from across the globe.

Totally un-rehearsed, the unplugged Nairobi Sessions introduce you to artists that you may already know and some that you will get to know.