Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just A Band's Blinky Bill Talks of the Struggle Before The Fame

In an interview with Radio host Akisa Omulepu of Connections Radio, Just A Band's Bill Sellanga a.k.a Blinky Bill and Daniel Muli talk of their days before the fame.

The duo, spoke about the struggles of getting out their first album and eventually getting respect and acceptance from the family members.

In the interview Blinky confesses that "when i decided to be a musician my mum prayed" over my soul and "dad was like 'This young man has lost it'."

However that did not deter him from going to him mum to borrow money to get their first album out. After a few weeks Blinky was able to pay her back and he said they were surprised saying, "Hey so this thing can actually work?"

Dan added that "we had to keep doing what we were doing to win them over" and with time they did. Listen to the whole interview here