Thursday, 7 February 2013


Who is Mumbi?

I am a reggae artist, radio presenter at Venus 101.9FM (an all female radio station) and a TV Presenter on KBC Channel.

I have read that you love poetry and have a book out on that as well. Tell me about that?

The book is called All Thoughts Come True. It basically expounds on the emerging knowledge that we are far more in control of our lives than we have been lead to believe. Our thoughts basically determine our experiences and encounters. Therefore it is so important to think good uplifting thoughts and channel our mental power towards ideas and attitudes that will draw the experiences we desire into our lives.

Unfortunately we are constantly bombarded with negativity and falsehoods on all levels. From our TVs to our media, from our schools to our churches, to the unsafe environment most of us live in; we are exposed to a way of life that is unnatural and detrimental to our health and very existence. The book explains this further and also provides basic things that we can implement in our daily lives to cultivate a successful, complete, blissful and fulfilled mindset.

Besides the book, you have an album out. Tell me about the themes highlighted on the songs?
I launched my first, self-titled album Mumbi in 2010 that I had recorded in Geneva Switerland in 2008 - 9. The album was a call to action for all Africans across the world to start taking their destiny into their own hands. It reminded young Africans about their heritage while calling for them to 'change their ways before the end of days', as the time of oppression and despair is coming to an end.

I am currently in studio of recording The Peace Album which will feature collaborations with various different artist and music groups from all over Kenya such as Makadem. It will be in stores are the elections.

You have various shows in and out of Kenya. Which was the most memorable for you?

My most memorable show was last year when I had the opportunity to visit South Korea for a tour of the capital Seoul and the seaside town, Yeosu where I performed at the World Trade Fair. It was my first time in Asia and I was impressed by how much the South Korean people love and respect one another. They are very gently and respectful with each other and always willing to offer a genuine helping hand. These are definitely traits that we should emulate here in Kenya coz we say we love each other but their is a lot of hidden resentment, fear and judgement in each of us and this is what makes it easy for politicians and other leaders to manipulate and exploit us.

What are your aspirations, passions with respect to your TV career?

I recently started hosting a show called Afternoon Live on KBC Channel 1. It airs every Monday and Wednesday from 12 - 1pm and this is going really well. Being a political season, I am interviewing women aspirants from all over Kenya and providing them with a platform to tell us what they will do for us.. It will be interesting to see the direction the show takes once the electioneering period is over. My desire would be to have it evolve into a show that highlights and that celebrates all the diversity and culture that is Kenya and helps us to learn from each other.

Where do you see yourself two years from now?

I see myself with my own daily TV talk show that focuses on emerging ideas, technologies, social movements, etc. I also see myself performing more regularly, locally.  

What are some of the major challenges you went through abroad – generally?

The American & to a certain extent European life is nothing like what we see on TV or in the movies. The majority of Europeans and Americans are actually struggling to make ends meet. They are also not as exposed as a regular Kenyan is and do not know much about the world outside their towns or villages. SO the greatest challenge for me was the way the extremely backward and ignorant view most Americans had of us Africans. Dealing with that whole vibe of Africa is poor, people are starving, people are ignorant, guys are slaughtering each other, there is no rule of laugh, guys live in trees, there is only jungle etc, etc, etc on a daily basis was a challenge.

Also being in America as a black person you definitely feel the tension between black and white people and are sometimes subject to certain treatment because you are black. I remember my last trip from here to Chicago, Illinois just after 9-11. When we arrived, we were told that there would be a "random" baggage search. But it was not random at all, only the Africans and Asians were pulled aside and they proceeded to give us body scans and open all our suitcases and go through our luggage simply because we were foreign. I knew then that the time had come to move on.

You have a song out featuring Makadem. What is it about?

The song is called The Handout culture. It is about voter behaviour in Kenya and warns against selling our souls in the kitu kidogo or submiting to that"omba omba"culture where we expect to be given a bribe for our vote to the point that when a politician comes to share his ideas and plans we are only thinking about how much "Lunch" we are going to receive at the end of his speech..

What advice would you give the youth about the upcoming elections?

PEACE! LOVE! UNITY! Let us not only pray for a peaceful election but also conduct ourselves in ways that will safeguard our peace both before and beyond the election. Let us truly love each for our diversity and for all our similarities. Lets us not always be so suspicious of one another but be open to learning from one another and sharing in our experiences outside of the ka-local. On an individual level let us strive for harmony in our thoughts by controlling what comes into our minds and what ideas we entertain and even what we expose ourselves to such as on TV or on the internet; and let us promote unity in both our thoughts and our actions. And finally, vote wisely! If some one buys you for a price they are planning on selling you for a profit. So don't vote for the leader who can give you 50 or 100 bob today. Vote for the one who will provide you with opportunities for you to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of shillings within your lifetime.  

Anything else you would like to add?
Remember that "whatever we plant in our subconscious minds and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. One Love.

You can check out Mumbi's website and get to read more about her.