Saturday, 26 January 2013


Actor and activist Danny Glover will next month launch partnership between South African African Passion Wines and TransAfrica forum.

This partnership will see funds raised to support human rights and social justice in Africa.

Glover has been a longtime advocate for enhancing African rights and social justice. He is currently a UNICEF ambassador, and in addition to his leadership of the board of TransAfrica, he is a board member for the Jazz Foundation of America.

“Our involvement with African Passion wine has been a blessing for our organization,” said Nicole Lee, president of TransAfrica Forum. “In addition to the ongoing support from the brand, the partnership allows us to spread awareness towards our overall mission of promoting diversity, equity and justice for the African world.”

“We are passionate about producing quality wines crafted with extraordinary skill and dedication,” said David Salmon, KWV U.S.A.’s regional director. “Just like our passion for wine, we are thrilled to have Danny as our spokesperson while supporting TransAfrica’s passion for social justice.”

KWV and TransAfrica will launch the fundraising partnership at an event in February featuring actor, activist and TransAfrica board chair Danny Glover, who also will serve as spokesperson for African Passion wines.

Proceeds from the event will support D.C. based TransAfrica Forum.