Saturday, 26 January 2013


Roy Kohadha is a pissed off activist. He expressed his discontent of "pretenders and bystanders" who are only looking out for their on own self interests.

He ranted on a Facebook post. He wrote, "WTF, so my inbox is full of people telling me about problems and issues they are facing with various producers, broadcasters, cast etc. that they want addressed... So who told you I'm a lawyer?

"I'm an Artivist, I realized that most of those who come to be with me when I need people most are ACTIVISTS by this I mean, CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVISTS and a few ARTISTS... Making me realize how important I'm to the outsiders than the people who I get my ass dragged to court for.

"Resolve for 2013... If you have an issue with anyone or anything going on in the industry that you feel the public needs wind of, DONT TELL ME ABOUT IT... TELL THE FREAKING THING YOURSELF TO THE PUBLIC? You too can be a "WHISTLEBLOWER".

"I just realized that we are an industry of pretenders and bystanders who value nothing but selfish interests yet expect others to help us out when stuck..."

So there you have it...