Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Smirnoff will this month take Nairobi by storm, as Kenya plans to usher in the New Year at the Carnivore Restaurant.

Dubbed ‘The Night,’ the all-white themed party will for the first time ever in Kenya feature a line-up of 16 DJs playing on 3 stages, in what promises to be the biggest New Year’s Eve party the capital city has ever seen.

Leading the DJ pack will be international DJs Shaun ‘Banger’ Scott from the U.K. and Dino Bravo from South Africa, two of the hottest DJs on the global entertainment scene at the moment. Representing Kenya will be the cream of Kenya’s DJs, including established names like DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Chukie, DJ Kaydee and DJ Stretch.

Anyhow here is a one on one with the guest DJ Dino Bravo

Music genres you specialize in:

I'm An Open Format DJ which means I can play pretty much any style of music. But right now EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is my main style

Influences on your career/style/genre of music:

Mostly Latin Music. I’ve got a little Cuban blood flowing through my veins so that plays a big part.

Major gigs you’ve DJ'd before:

I've played at some of the World’s major festivals. But I must say that playing for a festival called Aquafest in South Africa really did it for me this year.

Most memorable gig:

Playing in Davos Switzerland and Bill Clinton came and told me that I was playing good music.

Career highlights:

I got many headlights in my career but the Biggest one was meeting Nelson Mandela during The 46664 Concert.

What was your big break to fame:

My break to fame was when I was invited to play for a radio show called The Fresh Breakfast show in South Africa. My Life hasn't been the same since that moment.

Artists you have performed with/for:

I've performed along Side many of the Best EDM World acts. Just to mention a few David Guetta, Ralf Gum, Nicky Romero, Avicii Little, Louis Vega, Dj Cleo, Dj Fresh & Oskido.

How long have you been a DJ:

At this stage I've been doing it professionally for 16 years.

What are you currently recognized for:

Right now I'm recognized for playing the best Tribal House in Africa.

Current and upcoming projects/achievements:

I've just dropped my latest offering called 100% Dino Bravo and its currently Gold and on the way to a Platinum Status. That alone shows that I'm doing something right. I got a major record deal in place with a major International Label upcoming.

Anything else you would like to add?

Music to me is more than just the word Music. Music to me means life, love, peace and harmony. I live, breathe, sleep and dream music. That's why I'm looking forward to coming to Kenya, to share and learn.