Wednesday, 19 December 2012


James Ikechukwu, commonly known as Jim Iyke, is a Nigerian television and film actor. He was in Kenya recently for the Make a Change Campaign project and he also shot some scenes for his reality show, Jim Iyke Unscripted.

He took the Hot Secrets One liner interview...

I'm good at ------------------- sealing the deal. I have been fortunate to hire very brilliant people who do everything then I go in just to close in business. 

 I am very bad at ------------- giving attention to one person for long and also staying at one place.I'm not a people's person; give me a book, give me a movie and my whole world becomes distracted.  

The last book I enjoyed reading-------- Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken. He is a very talented writer.

 A Common misconception of me --------- that I'm short tempered and impatient. I'm a very given person.

The most surprising thing that happened to me--------- An Asian guy One of my worst childhood fears ------to die unknown. I did not want to die as a nobody.

My Ideal night out ---- ---------- hanging out with my sisters. I'm the only boy and so when I get time I take them out for dinner and just spend time laughing them.

The most suprising thing that ever happened to you-----Being flown to Chicago to suprise a fifty something Asian man who on seeing me started crying.

In another life ------I would have been a financial analyst. I used to do something close to that.

The best age to be-------- fourty five years. I have met 45 year old men who are on the borders of youth and retirement. If you have not made money at that age you are in trouble.

The best part of my job is -----------the smile it brings to people. I also like that I do not go unnoticed.

My greatest regret--------------------I lost two years of a relationship close to me. The person wanted to protect me but I was to rebellious. Unfortunately he went away before I could apologise.

Historical figure i most identify with -------- Bill Gates. I like the philosophies that made his life.

A self made man Living person i admire is ---------- my father. He is the only man who can bully me around.

One thing I would change myself------I get abit obsessed when i want something. It's not good that I'm not flexible. I chase things single mindedly.

My greatest possession ------- My six year old boxer. Something special happened to this boxers. I kept moving houses but never got rid of them.

If you were a car what car would you be---------The Hennessey Venom. It is the most expensive car.

If I were to die in five minutes ----------------God please give me a mother you gave me when I came to the world. She is the best woman.