Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Tonight Zack Saitoti and business partner Jeff Kegeri are launching their company Cranium Ink.

Cranium Ink is a design house that specializes in photography and graphic design, and tonight they are launching their on-line magazine ‘Watch This Space Magazine’. Watch this Space Magazine is a magazine highlighting Kenyan fashion and design. The launch edition features 9 fashion houses including Moo Cow, the Janet Mbugua Collection and many others.

Zack’s photography is perfectly aligned with the originality and flair of the design houses, and through graphic design the photos are enhanced.

Edition 2 of ‘Watch This Space Magazine’ will be launched in 2 months, in the mean time, check them out on Cranium Ink, and Watch This Space Magazine on Facebook.

Cranium Ink is a brainchild of Creative Designer, Jeff and Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer, Zack. They have been practitioners in their respective fields for a combined 18 years.

Get to know the creatives better:-

Jeff Kegeri

Jeff has had a love affair with creative design from the time he started playing with crayons, paints and Lego. He later moved on to high school where he studied Art, computers and sciences, with the intention of furthering his knowledge in Graphic design at University. He attained his credentials whilst attending University of Wollongong (NSW), Australia.

Upon his return, he enrolled in Graphic Design and 3D Modelling and Animation at Shang Tao 3D Animation Media College Nairobi.

He then decided to start his own business, which he have been running ever since.

Zachary Musengi

After high school, where he specialised in sciences, languages and predominantly the arts, Zachary moved to Bristol to pursue two degrees in Graphic Design and Photography. His photography has been described as emotive, often dramatic with dark undertones and yet with a playful twist.

Zachary's interests lie within mainly creative & contemporary photography, stretching to fashion, landscape, surrealist, reportage and staged photography.

Afer leaving university Zachary ran ran his own business, working as freelance photographer & graphic designer. Recently he has branched out into film and has produced several short promotional videos for clients such as Redbull in collaboration with Panhead, a Bristol based record label.

Additionally he has been the in house photographer for several magazines, record labels and design companies, such as Soull Motive Records, TRAP Magazine, Fiasco Designs & Weapon of Choice Magazine.

Commercially, Zachary's work has been appraised both locally and internationally, following several successful exhibitions in London, Bristol and Nairobi. He has had the pleasure of working with an assortment of clients such as Super Super Magazine, Kurt Geiger, ITV Fixers, BBC, Clifton Photographic Company, Fudd Clothing and many more.