Thursday, 22 November 2012


Presidential hopeful, Kingwa Kimenchu has been the butt of every social media joke from going commando to starring in divorce cases.

Today, she hit up her Facebook page to highlight that there is "little faith" from Kenyan who are "line up behind these vultures and hurl stones at a young, defenseless innocent girl..." who is trying to do what no other has done.

Here is what she wrote:

"In other news, news of my candidature has made its way to Nigeria and Tanzania where it has been featured on blogs and newspapers, most recently where it was in The African last week.

"I have gotten so many messages of goodwill, the people there getting the point that the current old guard of African leaders have taken us nowhere and will take us nowhere and my candidature is the game changer that will turn things around not only in Kenya but in the entire African continent.

"It is an 'Itwiko' a generational rebellion, tired of being led by people with no new ideas, out of touch with people's problems and everyday realities, caring nothing for their fellow men's needs but instead stealing land, money and food from the people they purport to serve, dividing and killing them.

"In Kenya however, they of little faith still line up behind these vultures and hurl stones at a young, defenseless innocent girl who is belling the cat that the men themselves have been afraid of doing.

"Brings to mind that saying that a prophet is least appreciated in her homeland. But i am not discouraged. I am not doing it for people, i am doing it because it is simply part of my destiny. I was born, to transform."