Thursday, 15 November 2012


Friends of Kaz have opened and Facebook Event to try and fundraise money to clear a pending hospital bill so as to “lay #MamaKaz to rest”.

The Facebook Event titled R.I.P Mama Kaz highlight’s it’s purpose. The introduction reads, “Dear friends, family & fans of Kaz (Karen Lucas), the Lucas family needs our support during this difficult time. Kaz lost her precious mother at 6pm on Tuesday November 13th, after a short illness.

“Being the go-getter & powerful Kenyan Woman she is, Kaz immediately started making funeral arrangements. But besides funeral expenses, there's a 645,000ksh hospital bill that needs to be cleared in order to lay #MamaKaz to rest. Your contributions would be deeply appreciated.

“Please let us rally all our networks to raise this amount by FRIDAY. YES WE CAN!

“Prayer meetings will be held today Nov 15th and Friday Nov 16th at 5:30pm at Luther Plaza (1st Floor), opposite St. Paul's at the University roundabout.

Donations can also be sent via: MPESA to Kaz via 0705111116. If you are outside of Kenya & would like to make a donation, please let us know.”

“Please call, email, sms, tweet (#MamaKaz), tag your people to help the Lucas family meet this fundraising goal by tomorrow.

Zawadi Nyongo who is the administrator of the group wrote on the wall: “This is so true! Our relationships & community matter most! Let us take the time to support the Lucas family friends. Every single one of us knows enough people to reach this fundraising target by Saturday. Please take the time to do whatever you can.”