Thursday, 15 November 2012


The on going battle between DJs and artistes/MCSK over the paying of license fees has created a rift between the spin masters and the talent.

Arthur K has given his two cents on the issue with his opinion skewed towards the DJs. The wrote on his Facebookpage : “This is too much especially for guys who are hustling and trying to make it in the industry as a DJ. Another thing that needs to be put into consideration is, DJs play in clubs, functions or events or parties that have already paid for licenses to MCSK, hence we should all trend very carefully when we again go out to that DJ on a personal level.”

On the issue of personal DJ mixes, Arthur explained: “DJs do their own personal mixes and make money from it but to charge them 1750 a month is too much. So if they are to pay, we should assess at what point do they make money directly (from the sale of the mix) and not by playing in a club or event … and on average how much do they make.

"MCSK should have seating with DJs of all walks of life from the big shots to the DJ in Kisumu who has no name but is a DJ in his own rights and agree on a very reasonable amount. Because my fear is, MCSK’s top management might doing this in good faith but once you send your guys out there to check who has paid and who has not, that is where the problems will check in and we can all agree that especially out of Nairobi DJs play a lot of Kenyan music and its important for them but the minute a DJ in Nyeri is harassed coz he couldn’t afford 1750 then we are not going in the right direction...”