Saturday, 27 October 2012


Kenya’s comedy industry has received a great boost from the first African mobile devices brand, Mi-Fone that has taken into sponsoring comedians by way of promoting their works through endorsements.

Renowned stand-up comedian Nathan Muya aka JB Masanduku is among other Kenyan comedians whose talent has received publicity endorsement from the mobile phone devices company.

The company is sponsoring a series of comedy sessions dubbed Mi Comedy that seeks to nurture and promote upcoming local comedians, thereby popularizing Kenya’s talent across the continent. In addition, the company loads the comedy clips on all Mi-Fone handsets therefore promoting Kenya’s vibrant comics.

Other local comedians who have been showcased on Mi Comedy are Chipukeezy and Dr. King’ori.

Speaking on this venture, JB expressed excitement over the deal, terming it as an innovative idea, which makes it more convenient for people to access Kenyan comedy across Africa.

“When Mi-Fone told me that my comedy would be loaded for free on the Mi-Fone handsets, I felt honored that they appreciate the work that we do,” said JB.

JB felt that the move by Mi-Fone to load it up on mobile phones makes comedy accessible to people who may not be able to attend his shows.

“Loading it up on the phone makes people who can’t see me on TV or attend my shows have a taste of my comedy at the palm of their hands,” he added.

Vincent Muasya alias Chipukeezy added that for comedy to grow in the country it requires hard work and dedication.

“If someone wants to go into comedy, they first need to identify what they want to do in life; you may not be successful academically, but you have to be ready to work for it,” he advised.

The two comedians who host Comedy Club and the Hot Seat on KTN and Kiss TV respectively agree that comedy in Kenya is growing, and having mobile comedy would bolster their industry.

“For Mi-Fone, I feel that this would be a very interesting way to approach our audience which is predominantly youth, and since the brand is growing, they are growing us too,” Chipukeezy added.

Comedy in Kenya has become a lucrative business interest for college students who are looking to earn an income from their talent. Many renowned Kenyan comedians found a balance of talent and academics and have managed to influence the development of Kenyan comedy.

Mi-Fone promotes local artistes and musicians on the mobile handsets which are sold in 12 countries in Africa. Content creators from different countries are able to get their works into the hands of consumers via sales of Mi-Fone.

On his part Mi-Fone Chief Marketing Officer Nicolas Regisford said that this partnership with other established artistes across the continent is aimed at creating a platform where local talent across Africa is recognized and appreciated.

“In partnering with talented artists, we provide aspiration within reach to our customers,” said Nicolas.

Mi-Fone is serious about building an entertainment platform amongst African creatives and this is demonstrated by the wide amount of content available on Mi-Fone handsets. Mi-Fone continues to innovate while uplifting and promoting homegrown talent.

"We soon will be able to make these artists money too by having their works available for download via Mi-Apps" added Nicolas.

Mi-Fone has differentiated itself from other low-cost handset manufacturers with its focus on music, local talent and recently launched “Mi-Apps” store, which is instrumental in celebrating true African talent and what it has to offer.

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