Saturday, 27 October 2012


Reality TV show judge, Joanne Ball-Burgess swapped her writing for judging Citizen TV's Sakata.

The Bermuda born personality has been in the country for over a year now with her family.

Joanne told the Bermuda Sun: “Being a dance judge is a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work.

“One of the hard parts of the job is that almost everyone has a tough story of how they made it to the Sakata dance stage.

“There are two groups in the competition that I know of who were all orphans from a young age.

“Some others are attending college and fitting their dance practice in between, while others are seen as the pride of their entire village for being on television.

“Many of the crews have never taken a dance class in their lives but they see dance, they feel it and want to do it. I began taking traditional dance classes seven months ago. I’ve found some similarities between several of the traditional dances and our own Gombey dancers.

“One element of Kenyan culture that is evident in the competition is that Kenyans are very polite as a people. If you ask a question they will tell you the version of what you ‘want’ to hear.

“I was hired as the judge who could ‘tell it like it is’. That has led to lots of attacks on Facebook as well as lots of ‘what I want to hear’ on the streets.”