Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Gospel singer and pastor Marvelous has released his new single Luku Luku that follows the tenets of the popular Ghanaian dance Azonto.

Marvelous says that "Luku Luku is simple a song asking people to come and look at what the Lord has done while dancing Azonto."

Azonto is a dance originating from Ghana. The African dance form incorporates complex co-ordinates body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion in very few one-two timed steps. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are rudiments to dancing it.

The dance has effectively evolved from a few rudimentary moves to embrace depictions of ironing,washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, and others.

Generally, the dance reflects the creativity, intelligence, and rich sense of humour of the Ghanaian people. The dance, which is usually performed with an accompanying smile, evolved from the combination of several local dance moves.

The dance was made very popular by Ghanaian football star Asamoah Gyan in his goal celebrations for his club and during matches of the Ghana Black Stars.