Tuesday, 18 September 2012


On 21 September, International Peace Day, Emmanuel Jal will headline a celebratory concert alongside friend and very special guest Darryl "DMC" McDaniels (of legendary hip hop trio, Run DMC).

Other popular local artists such as Silver X will act as curtain raisers. A historical moment in South Sudanese music history, this will be the first time DMC visits and performs on African soil.

Jal said in a press statement,"I'm sure everyone knows how I arrived in Juba to an unfortunate incident by perpetuators of our country's justice, but this has only made me want to move faster and harder with this crucial message and celebration in my home nation. This will be the biggest show South Sudan has ever seen and the business gala will remind us all that there is no good business without peace."

While DMC added, "I can't wait to touch down in Africa, I'll be the first African American artist to perform in South Sudan too."

"Peace is good for business" said Emmanuel Jal, "every single one of us has a responsibility to create a peaceful environment for all of us to thrive. This is why we have mobilised local and international businesses, young global leaders, the humanitarian world and the South Sudanese Government to come together and work together for a better South Sudan, using the power of music to raise the world's attention and celebrate our unity"

The concert will take place at Juba's Independence Hall and focus on inspiring young South Sudanese and youth all over the world to actively support all facets of peace; the concert is expected to air LIVE - both locally on JUBA TV, and internationally via Peace One Day's global broadcast.

"At a time where South Sudan celebrates freedom and onward prosperity, it is important to understand the crucial role peace plays in the country's development. I commend Emmanuel Jal's efforts in highlighting the obstacles and celebrating the necessity in sustaining peace" said South Sudan's Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Honourable Barnaba Marial Benjamin.