Monday, 23 July 2012


Tusker Project Fame finale is set for Sunday night. The finalist are ...

Ruth Matete

Ruth, 26,had just completed her undergraduate studies in communication when she went for the auditions in Nairobi. The petite singer is an only child, was raised by a single dad after her mum passed on when she was 8 years old .

She says that she will miss him the most while in the Academy. She names Adele as her favourite musician and loves to listen to Jazz.

She decided to try out for Tusker Project Fame because she believes the platform is just right for an aspiring musician. She calls herself loud and worries that this could affect her stay in the academy as it does not work too well for her sometimes.

Jackson Kalimba

This adventurous student pursuing economics, started singing at the age of 5. Besides watching movies and taking evening walks, he loves to party.

He repeated classes for the sole reason of attaining entry points to university and his happiest memory was when he finally got an admission letter. His music icons are Mary J Blige, John Legend and Stevie Wonder. The fourth born in a family of 6 siblings considers Alpha Rwangira as his favorite Tusker Project Fame contestant to go through the academy.

His parting shot to everyone is ‘l’amour et la paix’( one love and unity)

Irankuda Joe Christian

“Live life! It's never that serious,” is the mantra 24-year old Kikitoure lives by. He is a first year student pursuing a degree in Marketing at the International Leadership University.

 The last born in a family of five is following in his musician mother's footsteps and has been performing at Karaoke nights, where he always gets loud cheers from his fans. His favorite musicians are Lionel Richie, Kenny Rodgers and Tracy Chapman. He loves listening to Ragga, Reggae, Zouk and Country Music. His favorite past Tusker Project Fame contestant is Davis.


Doreen, 21, is a student at the University of Nairobi and hails from Nyahururu. Creativity should be her middle name as not only does she sing, she is also a poet and author.

Her first book is already at a publishing house. She also enjoys painting. She cites her mum as her inspiration because of her strong spirit and describes herself as free spirited and whimsical although not as confident as most people take her to be.

She listens to Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and India Arie and says Neo Soul is her favourite music genre. Although she will miss her boyfriend while in the academy, she sees it as a welcome break from her daily routine. Her favourite past contestant is Patricia Kihoro.

 Steve Homes

Steve Homes is a 25 year old Nakuru town native who describes himself as a simple guy. He is an avid Arsenal fan as well as a Nakuru Rugby Club die hard. His mother is very dear to him and he says his happiest memory was the pride in her eyes on his graduation day. He likes to think he is a good listener and a very sober guy.

Atemi Oyungu is one of his favourite artists and he enjoys listening to world music. His favourite contestant is Linda Muthama from Season 1. He decided to try out for Tusker Project Fame due to the exposure he is likely to get.

Steve is in a committed relationship and he says he will miss his girlfriend most while in the academy but he certainly won’t miss Favourite Quote: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.