Monday, 23 July 2012


When Alex arrived on stage, IK asked him why he had continued to nominate his countryman Prezzo. ”He wasn’t social, he was up tight, I thought I’d nominate him,” Alex told him. “Do you have the same taste in women as your brother?” asked IK. “Seriously, I have a different taste!” said Alex with a laugh. “So Tamara’s more your kind of person then?” IK pressed. “Exactly!” said the Kenyan. IK quizzed Alex about his plans now that he had been evicted, and he told Africa he would be finishing his studies and then look to start his own business. He said he thought Lady May would win Big Brother StarGame “though I have no idea why because she ain’t entertaining at all”.
After Alex's eviction on Sunday night, people aren't showing love to the Kenyan Housemate. Here have a look at what their thoughts are on his putting Prezzo up for eviction twice...