Tuesday, 3 July 2012


For lack of better words, here are some of Quincy Timberlake's rumblings on CNN iReport. He needs to stop it already... Boy, we know this is you. Come on son, come on...
In a dramatic twist, the Kenyan CID police who earlier cleared Timberlake of any wrongdoing have surprised Kenyans with theri dodgy games. They are out to deny Quincy Timberlake his police clearance letter in a bid to trap him (that he flies back home and they create more unexisting charges against him inorder to lock him up indefinitely) with latest turn that Timberlake could be forced to drop Esther amid torture and publicly denounce her as his legally married wife. Then he could get a police clearance letter. This is an order from a very powerful politician in Kenya. A Human Rights body has condemned this act and is currently pressing the State to respect this couple's rights. "For how long shall they continue torturing this couple and for what reasons?" an officer asked. "Esther is already married to the man of her choice and the interested politician should let go of her. The couple is also free under Kenyan laws to vie for any political post," he added.
Why the three-year obsession with these guys? Why are both the State and public interested in their plight? No one knows. The year started explosively with the allegations on the CNN ireport website that Prime Minister, Raila Odinga was directly responsible for their woes. This was quickly followed by allegations regarding a reputable psychiatric doctor and his alleged brutal torture of Mrs Timberlake through a forceful abortion under the watchful eyes of her father and the CID. The stories made their rounds, shocking all Kenyans and international audience of conscience, before they were quickly and suspiciously yanked off the CNN ireport website under the directions of Kenyan government. Unfortunately for whichever guilty parties involved, numerous other online newspapers and websites still carry the story. There is no doubt that no matter what position one took during the Finger of God saga, there are still questions to be answered. Recently an equally popular former Straight UP presenter,  Namtero Mdee (Tero), in a story remarkably reminiscent to that of Arunga's, suddenly quit her highly lucrative job, deleted her facebook and twitter accounts, changed her phone number and was married off to a suspicious Tanzanian prophet against the wishes of her family and fans.  Kenyans should be asking themselves why Tero was not publicly arrested and humiliated like Arunga was. Why wasn't she put in a mental institution, sedated and tortured like Arunga was? Why wasn't her case discussed in parliament? Was Arunga's announcement that she was venturing into 2012 politics such a threat to the powers that be that she had to go through such a terrible ordeal? It was discovered that the whole matter spilled out of a larger plan that was upfront many years back the moment she landed in Kenya from Australia. Some information are out that she was supposed to be a ritual sacrifice for a senior politician to retain power over others, her blood was to be spilled. Impeccable sources can now confirm that some ill motivated officers and hired hitmen have already planned how Timberlake would be picked from the JK airport should he return back on March 25th of 2012 as he must get back home to his beloved career. But this is a mis-target as Timberlakes are Australia bound. This follows the numerous rampant arrests of Quincy and Esther, demolition of their home, impounding of their cars, frustration at the immigration, 24 hour tracking and threats of extra-judicial killings that have been witnessed recently.
Sneaked out of Kenya
Reports coming to us from a source at the Oslo News center are that following the widely circulated online story on the torture of Mrs. Timberlake, Kenyans in the Disapora took notice and had their chairperson, Judy Miriga contact the couple. A mission to secretly sneak the family out of Kenya with the assistance of the US Secret Service was then launched. According to Miriga, following an appeal to the US Embassy in Nairobi and after intense lobbying by a section of Kenyans in the diaspora, a team of highly specialized US Secret Service members secretly whisked the Timberlakes out of their Nairobi home in the middle of the night, along with their one-year old son Sinclair in mid-December 2011. The three were accommodated for a few days under heavy guard at a secret location in Nairobi before being flown out of Kenya to an unknown destination, courtesy of the American government under the US Refugee Act which provides for the protection of persons who "owing to a fear of persecution on account of...religion, political opinion and membership of a particular social group" are unable or unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of their own state.
The Secret Service agents were spotted at a Nairobi airport surrounding Quincy, Esther and their son full time. This is because they were alerted that some civilian clothed men were out to block them from boarding the plane. CCTV cameras later showed 5 men and 2 women trying sneak out Timberlake's suitcase and his passport from the check-in desk. They boarded an EK plane 722. The agents also boarded the plane.
"The major concern for Kenyans in the Diaspora is that the Timberlakes lives are still in danger, especially in the run-up to the 2012, now 2013 elections. All Kenyans know that the Timberlakes still have political ambitions for the country, and with the shoddy work that is being done by the current politicians, the Timberlakes are well placed to lead a truly new crop of Kenyan leaders into the next August house. Of particular concern is the determination by the Prime Minister and his cohorts to viciously quell any new leaders from emerging in Nyanza province where he has managed to rule with an iron hand, "Gaddafi-style," for the past decade," explained Mrs Miriga in a recent press statement sent to all media houses in Kenya and international press centres. Not surprisingly, her statement did not appear on any of Kenya's mainstream newspapers which are well-known to be under the Prime Minister's payroll.
The statement further read, "Mr Timberlake is the only Luo with the ear of the Kenyan people, who has publicly opposed Raila's autocratic rule accompanied with secret assassination of younger and upcoming politicians against his dominance in Luo Nyanza and Kenya generally . Majority of Luos listen to him and Raila knows that. That is why he has worked to silence him and ridicule him at all costs. It worked for sometime but we see right through Raila's tactics. Timberlake is a breath of fresh air for Luos who believe that the time for change is now, but are afraid to speak up for fear of reprisals (look what happened to the Timberlakes). It is important to protect and support the few brave Luos who can successfully challenge the old man."
The Timberlakes resurface
After a long silence and no information on their whereabouts, reports began surfacing that the Timberlakes had relocated to Dubai where they were residing at a diplomat's home. It began with strange looking resumes allegedly belonging to the couple appearing on a few websites with claims that they were looking for work in Dubai. Like the numerous websites in the couple's names, there is no way of confirming to whom the resumes actually belong. The resumes were traced to an ODM supporter who did all he could to compose and fake up the "Timberlakes' CVs." A fellow mechanical engineer told the Oslo News,"The Timberlakes are so updated and cannot insert such information on their resumes, this befits the kind of foes they got and they're aware that the environment they cohabit is dangerous and manipulative." Many phone calls and texts are traced back to a female worker at Thuraya Communications L.L.C. in Dubai. She's a Kenyan national and Luo by dialect. She heads a group of Kenyan psycho-fans who've severally messed other Kenyans lives and had them deported from Dubai by giving wrong informations. The lady who could be exposed anytime soon have also landed a few Kenyan travel agencies in trouble with the UAE government and we discovered that she is blacklisted too. Another one is an accountant who's boyfriend is performing duties for a rugby team. They claim to have a marriage certificate but duly faked in order to get permission to perform immoral activities in Dubai. UAE government may soon catch up with them. Many Kenyans are in UAE with fake marriage affidavits. Why are Kenyans embarrassing themselves by turning against each other for jealous reasons? That's why their visas are a plorofore and may risk being banned from entering the UAE. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner's Affairs last week had Kenyans grace period of 10 days cancelled from their visa extension and threatened to soon limit Kenyan visas to a maximum of 30 days only. Some of these reports were retrieved from impeccable sources in Kenya and the US.
To add confusion to the madness, rumor has been rife on Kenyan websites and newspapers that Mrs Timberlake is about to make a huge TV record-breaking Kshs 930, 000 "come-back" to our TV screens. Those who loved the anchor formerly known as Arunga on TV have been waiting eagerly for her big come-back which seemed imminent after her former colleague, Janet Mbugua reappeared on our screens after more than one year away. Anyone holding their breath for Mrs Timberlake's big comeback would be dead by now. She is nowhere near Kenyan TV screens and our trustworthy sources at Kenya's main media houses, including Citizen TV which she was widely rumored to be joining, deny having had any communication with the former TV queen regarding a potential come-back. Australia is the new home for the Timberlakes though they won't be allowed to enjoy the social benefits up to 2 years. Rumours are PM Gillard's government could grant Timberlake a refugee status. Other countries showing interest in granting Timberlake asylum status are South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand, Montenegro and the UK. Timberlake approached the UAE to grant him a refugee status upon his insecurity back in Kenya but unfortunately, the status is unconstitutional under the UAE law. He's been spotted several times in the company of the country's interior and residency affairs senior officials at Jumeira Lake Towers and Zabeel Park in Dubai.
Our colleague at Oslo News centre who first broke the story about Mrs Timberlake's ordeal has finally lay to rest the rumours and speculation regarding their whereabouts. According to him, Mrs Timberlake was last week spotted strolling on a beach in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We did a little digging around and discovered a 2012 current Australian practicing certificate for Mrs Timberlake on the internet (see below and check out http://www.lawsociety.com.au/idc/groups/public/documents/internetregistry/008680.pdf and http://www.lawsociety.com.au/community/findingalawyer/findalawyersearch/SolicitorDetails/index.htm?mID=36358&fID=0&sig=CA45DF1D-088B-C776-E6D8-2939C3FBEAD8)


She is registered as CURRENTLY practicing in Australia in the capacity of Barrister.
Esther's may be getting back onto TV screens but probably not onto Kenyan ones, unless of course you have the good fortune of owning a satellite dish that catches Australian channels. Our source tells us she is testing the Australian Broadcasting waters, has attended a few interviews and is now negotiating between one national TV station and a community based one. Meanwhile the Law Society website lists her as working full-time in a legal capacity with Australian law firm, Blake Dawson Waldron.
Our source also informs us that following his excellent online report on the torture that the couple underwent, Mrs Timberlake has approached him to co-author a book detailing her personal account of the events of 2010 and shedding light on the roles played by various politicians and corrupt media personalities in creating the Finger of God drama. It shall include the story of how she was forcefully aborted by Dr Njenga.
Although details are still scanty, we know that the book is a tell-all reveal-all account of the dark side of Kenyan politics, media and religion and how this machinery is used to keep Kenyans uninformed and misinformed. The book should be out by early September and promises to be explosive.
"It is truly going to be an eye-opener. No Kenyan will read this book and remain the same." claims our source. "Esther is finally on safe ground and feels confident that she will be protected if she spills the beans on Kenyan leaders."
After all the rumors, Kenyans are looking forward to finally hearing from Mrs Timberlake herself and finally understanding what went wrong or right, with this mother of one.
As confirmed, a telephone number owned by a Kenyan lady has been traced to Dubai's top communications company with several email links badmouthing the Timberlakes. There are rumors that the lady is also seeking payment after sending misleading reports to "The Star" that the couple was living in her house in Sharjah. "The Star" has gone quiet over this allegation. She posted several resumes purported to be Timberlake's and it was discovered later by the company's fellow worker that she actually composed and sent it online to damage her victims' images. Authorities are rounding her up and this could lead to her deportation from the UAE because under its law, its wrong to maliciously damage another person's reputation without any proper evidences.