Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Director Alexandros Konstantaras, just completed his new movie "The Return of Lazarus" that was shot on location in Greece. The film is a Greek road movie with a Kenyan touch. In particular the Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah took a short break from the production of "Tinsel" in Lagos and traveled to Greece in order to act as King'ora, the main female character of the movie. King'ora is the Kenyan housekeeper who works in a local hotel and is the love interest of one of the two main characters.

Two brothers, Lazarus (Alexandros Koch) and Kyriakos (Nelson Lucas), set out for a road trip to Maronia, Northern Greece, in a quest for the mythical cave of the Cyclops. On their journey they meet King'ora (Lizz Njagah), a Kenyan woman who works in a local motel...

 in order of appearance:
Nikos Karagiannakis - Akis Gerontakis - Dimitris Ainalis - Konstantinos Tsakiris - Maria Stavrakaki - Rania Evagelinou - Fotios Kollatos - Konstantina Emmanouil - Kostas Mavridis - Melina Tassou - Kevork Melkonian - Margarita Papadopoulou- Thanasis Gaifilias 


Script: Alexandros Konstantaras & Alexandros Koch

Director of Photography: Stella Delliou

Sound: Tasos Karadedos

Script Girl: Konstantina Emmanouil

Directing and editing: Alexandros Konstantaras

Music by: The Loafing Heroes, Still Gramophone and Spyros Giasafakis.

The Return of Lazarus is the first feature film Alexandros shot in Greece. The movie aims to premier end of this year both in Greece and Kenya.

Here you can also take a look at the trailer of the movie, here, as well as the two posters of the movie that were revealed earlier today on facebook. They were both made by Stefanos Michaelidis.