Wednesday, 4 July 2012


University of Nairobi Proffesor, Paul Mbatia of the Department of Sociology has co produces an election movie with Proffesor Wesley Shrum, a Sociologist at Louisiana State University, dubbed Brother Time. The movie is a Kenyan tale of violence and humanity.

Brother Time is a mythic tale of neighbors from different tribes caught in a wider conflict. After the last presidential election, Kenya erupted in ethnic violence. Most of the 1500 killed lived in the Rift Valley, where members of different groups had lived peacefully. Like many others, the two friends fell apart during the post-election period, when suddenly, it was 'not the brother time'.

Filmed during and immediately after the election, the roots of tribal conflict are explored during a journey through the Rift Valley. One who saw the worst of the conflict returns home to see his neighbour, while interviews with Kenyans reveal the political and social causes of violence. The movie was released recently at Nairobi's Safari Club Hotel where different stakeholders reflected on the history of Kenya's last general election and the need to have harmony among ethnic groups.

The documentary movie has received support from University of Nairobi, Louisiana State University, National Cohesion and Integration Commission, National Council Churches of Kenya, Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa and Safari Club Hotel.

In addition, Brother Time has been officially selected for six international film festivals, including the prestigious Africa World Documentary Film Festival. Prof. Peter Mbithi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration and Finance, was among those in attendance during the launch of the movie.