Wednesday, 4 July 2012


At least two out of six housemates will leave Big Brother StarGame this week after the first nomination session since Sunday night's monumental merge. The housemates are now playing as individuals in the quest for the USD 300 000 prize – which has shaken things up even further!

Once everyone had had their say on Monday, the nominees were Goldie, Junia, Keagan, Prezzo (2 nominations each), Kyle (3 nominations) and Lady May (5 nominations). Head of House Keagan was already halfway to the Diary Room door before Big Brother had finished reading out the list of nominees for this week, anxious to make his decision. Perhaps in his haste he hadn't been paying attention to the list of nominees as he first tried to save himself and nominate Lady May and then Kyle, with Big Brother having to remind him both times that the housemates he had named had already been nominated.

After sighing deeply and being pushed for an answer, he eventually nominated new Upville arrival Malonza in his place, before complaining about the situation he found himself in.

Earlier in the day, Goldie had nominated Malonza and Lady May. She said she felt bad about nominating the Kenyan because she didn't really know him, but said that she had named Lady May because the only other person in the house she could have nominated would have been her on/off romantic interest, Prezzo.

Prezzo did his one-time paramour no favours as he nominated Goldie, feeling that she needed to 'wake up'. His second nominee was Lady May, who he felt didn't really want to be in the house.

Lady May returned the favour, nominating the Kenyan alongside Keitta, who had played a prank on her in the bathroom during the week. Keagan nominated Lady May, saying he thought she had some tricks up her sleeve, and Junia because they had never seen eye to eye. Keitta nominated Goldie "for her mood swings" and Lady May because he felt she had become very distant.

It's all up to the viewers now! You need to vote to keep your favourite contestant on Big Brother StarGame, and in with a shot at the USD 300 000 prize! Voting opened immediately after Monday night's nomination show at 9.30pm and closes at 7.00am on Sunday morning.

There are three ways to vote to keep your favourite housemate in Big Brother StarGame - via web, SMS or WAP – and you can win amazing prizes in the process, like DStv HD PVR's, DStv Walkas and Big Boy scooters.