Friday, 27 July 2012


Jomino act, G Kon has released his latest offing from the label dubbed Wacha Iende.
The track comes after the success of his other singles like Come 2 Do, Furu Furu and Zetu Zina Bamba.
He is in the early stages of recording his debut album, tentatively titled “Degree ya kwanza”, which is projected to be released early 2012.
G Kon has releases several songs over the years like Ukiishia Club featuring Kenrazy, NBA together with Eko Dydda.
G Kon is an accomplished rapper who has won the Florida 2000 Jam session contests three times back-to-back until he retired from the competition early 2010.
He has been striving to improve his skill and business acumen. With his current management he is set to fulfill his dreams through his talent as a musician, and finally start the clothing line he has always wanted.