Friday, 27 July 2012


Mizuka originator, Bamzigi has released a new kikuyu single featuring Kora. The single, Mutumia is hot off Wawesh Mjanja’s studio.
Bamzigi's music career began free-styling for kicks in clubs and making mix tapes with DJ's from his hood, credited for making the urban sound mainstream his regarded as one of the best musical treasures in Kenya.
Currently he is paving the way of a new musical-fusion movement that he Created and dubbed “Mizuka Style” (Electronic/Dance/Kapuka/Afro/Urban/Rock). He is a founding member of the popular group Necessary Noize that also included female MC/singer Nazizi Hirji and singer Kevin Wyre.

The group was formed in October 2000 and released their self-titled debut album in 2000. This contained the hits "Clang Clang", "La Di Da", "Lovers rock” and "Nataka toa". Then Bamzi went solo. Among his solo-projects are "The Bounce is Back" album that included hits like "The Bounce", "Rusha", "Songa". In the past experience the multi-talented Bamzigi has also hosted and produced for large Radio networks such as KBC and RADIO Africa. In 2010 and after a long struggle with a drug addiction he became clean and started a fresh. Two singles were released, “Mizuka” & “254”. He is currently recording a full-length album with 3050 Entertainment and producer Wawesh, the first single is called “Bachette”.