Saturday, 7 July 2012


Recently, the Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK) in partnership with The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) held a charity walk at Nyayo National Stadium. Here several celebrities joined the charity event to lend their support. They included Fred Omondi as the MC,  Mbuvi, Ambasada, Ngangalito, Vioja Mahakamani, Dj Pinye, endorsed the event and walk.

The theme was "Partnering to Create a Stigma Free Environment." The Walk was aimed at creating awareness, fighting stigma and raising funds for cerebral palsy (CP) and the required occupational therapy.

CP is a developmental disability caused by brain damage before/during/after birth which affects one's ability to move and control muscles. The damage can occur due to lack of oxygen in the brain or injury to the brain. Some of the causes are not known. CP condition does not get any worse. Occupational therapy is a basic need for CP cases, however, if no therapy is provided, the individual develops secondary deformities, i.e, contractures. Sadly, a stigma of witchcraft/curse is still associated with CP leading to parents/guardians keeping children from the public eye.
CPSK is in the forefront in provision of occupational therapy as well as medical, education and counseling services. It also runs an outreach program for older children who cannot be carried to the clinic.

IRA - in response to the low level of awareness - announced a donation of KES 2.5 million, becoming The Walk's title sponsor. CPSK and IRA encourage other organizations to support this worthy cause by participating in The Walk. The proceeds will help alleviate the challenges of CP cases and of their families.