Saturday, 7 July 2012


The Arterial Network has launched a new campaign to help out artiste who have had to miss gigs because they were denied visas. Well, the talk on everyone's lips is that teen stars Camp Mulla missed their BET appearance because they missed a chance to get their visa issues sorted on time.
The campaign is dubbed 'Visa Denied'  and they want to "create a loud voice to advocate for fair visa acquisition for travels outside of Africa by professional artists and arts practitioners."
So, are you an African artiste or art practitioner? Have you ever been denied visa to travel our of your country in pursuit of opportunities outside of Africa, or to attend art forums outside of Africa? Arterial Network is looking for your stories. Send your stories through this e mail Include your name, country, profession, where you were travelling to and reason why the visa was denied. They will then create a blog for this campaign and give you regular updates.

The Arterial Network is a dynamic network of individuals, organisations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African cultural sector. The Network was formed to support the effectiveness and growth of the African arts and culture civil society and to enhance the sustainability of creative industries in Africa.