Saturday, 7 July 2012


For Kenyan artistes, distributing music to DJs and Radio/TV stations has been a major challenge. However, Bernsoft has premiered a system designed to help artists and production houses reach DJ’s at the click of a button.
The launched a distribution system named Kenya Record Pool, the system will cut down the amount of time artists have previously used to reach DJs to almost instant.

The system will function in a very simple way. When an artist or production studio releases a song, Bernsoft will place the song within the Kenyan Record Pool system.
All DJs in the record pool will be notified of the release via email and SMS. DJs can login and download the music from the Kenya Record Pool. The system will support all formats needed by DJs – Audio (vocals, instrumentals).
In addition to music, the Kenya Record Pool service will provide additional marketing material that DJs can use e.g drops, artist news and updates as well as sneak peeks for unreleased music as well as provide the DJ means to provide feedback about a song.
“DJ response and comments are valuable to an artist. Recently, a comment from DJ Nijo altered the plans we had on releasing Amileena’s video by adjusting the release date closer, read the statement, “Access to Kenya Record Pool will be restricted to DJs and music professionals. Security measures have been provided to ensure the music content is not abused.”