Wednesday, 13 June 2012


MTV Shuga: Love Sex Money actor, Edward Nyanaro Set for Cameo in Mali Soap Actor, Model Edward Nyanaro, who played the role of Rayban in the highly acclaimed "Shuga II" TV series , has been tapped by "Mali" producers to make a cameo appearance in the hit soap opera. Edward, who is not new to the small screen, having appeared in several TV commercials and a few pilots, was very ecstatic to be on set on Friday last week.
Expressing his excitement, the day-time Advertising Executive for Radio Africa group said, " being on Mali was not just a role for me, it was very monumental because I love the show and the cast altogether". 

It's not yet clear what character the seasoned thespian will play but sources indicate it's a small role that may turn into a full-time recurrent one if the writers realize that audiences are pleased.
Moreover, "Shuga II" by the Bomb production{ South African} and "Mali" fall under the same local production company, Al Is On, so it should not come as surprise if he lands on the show permanently, considering his stellar performance as "Rayban".
No word yet about when the particular episode will air, but it should be soon.