Friday, 15 June 2012


Kola Boof posted her statement on the whole Djimon-Kimora-Boof fiasco that has been topping headlines on weblogs globally.
In the statement she includes an email from the Benin Vice President asking her not to put out a statement on the said affair between her and Honsou.
Here it is...

Vice President of Benin's message: 
Mathurin Nago:

"...Daughter, you and Djimon are both Africans. It's not right
for you to destroy your brother's legacy of hard works.  We do not have another world class movie star but Djimon Hounsou. He is the symbolic lion of the continent on screens across the world. You are a young lady and your place should be in support of your brothers. But you have attacked Wale, the
gifted musician for not showcasing African women in his videos and you now
disgrace yourself and Djimon with disclosures of bedroom vice. You must take such things to the grave Daughter and not make public disgrace of yourself and Africa. Your place is at your brother's feet, but you have been ill-raised by the Americans. It is their fault. I say with love that you are wrong to go forward with a public statement Thursday. If you have any respect for me like you say you do, I forbid you to tear down your brother and his hard works. Take these incidents of vice to the grave."  

Miss Boof's comment on the email from the Benin VP was: "As a Nilotic African woman, I cannot deny that I was very affected by Mr. Nago's words. In fact, it still affects me. But I feel very strongly that I have a right to give my press statement...and that my reputation and word is just as important as that of my brothers."